Experience the Relief Massage difference. A Relief Massage is a slow massage that allows the tight superior muscle tissue a chance to release. Enabling the deep underlying tissue to relax and shift into proper alignment.    This massage incorporates several massage techniques but is the most relaxing experience.  Give yourself the time you need to align your mind, body and spirit.
Helping you find relief from pain, stress, and fatigue
Relief Massage & Bodywork
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Patricia McPherson - Owner/Operator
"Do you need to align your mind, body and spirit?"
with Massage Therapy
Relief Massage & Bodywork, 501 Keisler Dr, Suite 204, Cary NC
Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist - LMBT #8355
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  Massage Services: 

Short & Sweet - 30 Minutes -    $40

Standard - 60 Minutes -    $70

Signature Extended - 90 Minutes -  $100

  BodyWork Services: 

Standard -    $50
Book your Massages a month apart
or less and save $10 every time!
Payment accepted as cash, check
and credit card via PayPal

There is a $25 fee for all appointments cancelled within 24 hours of the session.  This applies to package clients as well.
A value of $25 will be deducted from the package. I understand emergencies and sickness occur.

Massage will help most colds, migraine, premenstrual and allergy symptoms.  However, please call to cancel if you feel to sick to come in.
All products are paraben and allergen free. Never tested on animals, people or trees